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A texting driver slams into your car: What do you do next?

As most Washington motorists understand, drivers must remain focused and alert behind the wheel in order to keep themselves and all others sharing the roadways, safe. They also have to adhere to all traffic regulations, including posted speed limits and various laws that may differ from state-to-state. This doesn't stop some people from exhibiting behaviors while driving that place other motorists and pedestrians at great risk for injury.

Some technologies save lives while others take them

Your car, SUV or pickup truck can warn you of an obstacle as you back up, stop on its own and warn you that you drifted out of your lane. Airbags envelope you in case of an accident, and even your braking system helps ensure you can stop when needed. All of these technologies work to save the lives of drivers and their passengers, but other technologies tend to take lives.

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